Adaptive Agile Project Management – RabIT’s Methodology


The concept of Agile Project Management has spread rapidly and widely all over the world in the last decade. Nowadays, it’s considered to be a norm for software development companies to implement the Agile approach in their processes and to employ Project Managers who are experienced in Agile Methodologies.




Adaptive Agile Project Management – RabIT’s Methodology

We at RabIT Solutions use a slightly modified version of the Agile Methodology that we call “Adaptive Agile”. We have found that this custom methodology is better suited for today’s technology-driven business environment, where the demand for software solutions and the time-sensitiveness of the clients have increased, meanwhile their financial resources have become scarcer.

Being Adaptive Agile primarily means always putting the client first and adjusting all our processes to their specific requirements. We rarely use the same exact methodology in two projects, because we understand that each industry and each business is different, therefore each client has different needs. To satisfy these needs, we do not stick strictly to Scrum or Kanban, but use a mixture of them, tailored to the individual demands of our clients.


Transparency Is Key for Client Success

We fully involve our clients in our projects, not just by asking for their feedback, but also by being completely transparent. We even share our issue tracking systems with them, so they can see which tasks our developers are currently working on. Furthermore, our clients can fully customize our workflow: they can decide how many developers they want to work with, how often we should hold our demonstrations, and they are free to choose from our wide technology stack as well.

We also emphasize the importance of learning from past decisions and implementing our experience in the subsequent stages of the project. Being prepared for unforeseen changes in the circumstances, our project plans never follow a strict structure and a static strategy, instead we plan for multiple possible scenarios and constantly adjust the project plan and scope based on the changing requirements and opportunities. Regular client feedback is the core of our learning process.




In our experience, our Adaptive Agile Methodology is the best solution to create win-win scenarios. The client is always up to date with the current status of the project, always free to come to us with any new ideas, and we always do our best to help them. In return, we get countless learning opportunities. Every new idea, every client feedback and every challenge we face makes us better prepared for the future and better equipped to create maximum value for our clients.

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