Custom Software Development

Custom software development services from bottom to top, including architecture planning, project management, quality assurance and maintenance.

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Technologies used during software development

Spring Boot
C# .NET CNet
Node.JS Node.JS
Python Python
GoLang GoLang
iOS Swift iOS Swift
Android Kotlin Android Kotlin
Xamarin Xamarin
Cordova Cordova
React Native React Native
React React Native
Angular Angular
Vue.JS Vue.JS
JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
.NET core .NET core
Android Android
CSS Bootstrap CSS Bootstrap
Flutter Flutter
Firebase Firebase
IOS IOS logo
Jaspersoft Studio Jaspersoft Studio
Java Java
Jenkins Jenkins
jQuery jQuery
Phaser3 Phaser3
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Redux Redux
SpringRoll SpringRoll

We offer predictable, custom software development!


Business analysis

We want to know your business in order to align the development process with your organizational goals. Our goal is to deliver a software product that helps you further grow your business.


Adaptive agile technologies

We constantly optimize all aspects of the work process for each client individually. You will receive top-quality, clean code that allows easy further development in the future.


ERP Application Development

Our team of experienced software engineering professionals is here to build unique, fully customized ERP systems and applications. We will help you create the optimal solution, whether your goal is to digitize business processes, scale operations or improve organizational efficiency.


Business Digitalization

Replacing paper and manual processes with software allows businesses to automatically collect data that can be analyzed to better understand performance, what drives costs, and the main causes of risk. Real-time reports and dashboards on digital-process performance empower management to address problems before they become critical.


Cloud development services

Our experienced full-stack engineers possess the necessary skills and experience to develop your cloud infrastructure and cloud-native apps, or integrate new cloud computing services into your existing systems.


Full transparency

You will see results first hand, thanks to our regular (at least bi-weekly) live demos.

What our customers are saying

The team’s resourcefulness is a boon to the endeavor, as they only require a broad idea of the task in order to commence work.

Kai Toender


RabIT goest the extra mile. They were always transparent with workflow and tasks, but the effort they put in truly set them apart from other agencies.

Daniel Colomer

FIGO GMBH, Germany

The RabIT software engineering team is versatile, reliable, and has produced quality work.

David Talbot

San Francisco, California

It takes a special company for me to set aside time for a glowing review.

Matt Stormoen

Los Angeles, California

We chose RabIT because they were more flexible, easy to understand, and more transparent than the others.

Tamás Szalai

Budaörs, Hungary

It was a much easier process than I expected. They’re excellent communicators and very detail-oriented; you don’t have to read in-between the lines.

Stephanie Simons

Allen, Texas

I think the RabIT team is doing a superb job for us. I have been working with outsourced
development firms for almost 20 years and this is my best experience to date.

Josh C. Kline

Los Angeles, California

I have had several websites created in my life, but by far, this is the most professional team I have ever worked with.

Zoltán Ábry

Eger, Hungary

Why choose RabIT Solutions?


The team composition is always flexible

You can increase or decrease team size at any time to always meet your business needs.


The main criteria are success and quality

These are our top priorities. You'll receive free quality assurance and project management when you work with us.


There's no long-term commitment

There's no minimum contract period. You can 'freeze' or terminate the project at any time.


There are no hidden costs

We only bill for the hours completed and spent on development. Additionally, you'll have access to our work logs to review the work done.



When should you consider choosing custom software development?

1 Custom Business Requirements

If your business involves complex business processes that cannot be efficiently managed with off-the-shelf software available in the market, custom development can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

2 Competitive Advantage

If you want your business to stand out among competitors, custom software solutions can enable the development of features and services that help better serve your customers' needs.

3 Missing Services

If your industry lacks specific services or functionalities not provided by commonly available software solutions, custom software development provides the opportunity to develop new features and services tailored to your needs.

4 Data Privacy and Security

If data privacy and security are of paramount importance to your business, custom software development can provide the opportunity to integrate unique security solutions that meet your specific requirements.

5 Long-Term Strategy

If you have long-term plans for your business, custom software development provides the opportunity to create a system that can be easily customized and developed according to future needs.

6 Support for Multiple Platforms

If your business aims to reach customers across multiple platforms (e.g., web, mobile, desktop), custom software development can provide the opportunity to deliver a unified and cohesive experience for your products and services.

7 Flexibility and Rapid Response

If you need to respond quickly to changes in the business environment and customer demands, custom software development allows you to adapt and respond flexibly to new challenges and opportunities.

8 Scalability and Integration

If you desire a system that is easily scalable and can be integrated with other systems, custom development offers the opportunity to design integration options tailored to your specific needs.

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