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Extend your team with highly skilled and reliable JavaScript developers. Flexible team composition with on-demand pricing, added project management and quality assurance.

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JavaScript Developers on demand

Our versatile and experienced full-stack developers can help you build modern, JavaScript-based frontend solutions and the accompanying backend as well. We only invoice their actual completed work hours.


Proven expertise

We have successfully used many JavaScript frameworks and libraries for various projects over the years. We're most experienced with AngularJS and React.JS, but we're constantly expanding our JS arsenal.


Modern frameworks

We regularly work with a wide range of modern and popular JavaScript frameworks. Our team has up-to-date knowledge and experience with AngularJS, React.JS, Node.js, Meteor.js, Vue.js among others


Rapid development process

Work with experienced professionals who deliver tangible results, fast. We go the extra mile to meet your requirements and quality standards, and are able to complete highly complex development projects.


Adaptive agile methodologies

We constantly optimize all aspects of the work process for each client individually. Our optimized Scrum and Kanban methodologies allow you to make timely changes to your software during development.


Code quality standards

We adhere to a slightly more strict version of Google’s coding standards. Our built-in source code review processes guarantee you will receive top-quality, clean code that allows easy further development.

What our customers are saying

The team’s resourcefulness is a boon to the endeavor, as they only require a broad idea of the task in order to commence work.

Kai Toender


RabIT goest the extra mile. They were always transparent with workflow and tasks, but the effort they put in truly set them apart from other agencies.

Daniel Colomer

FIGO GMBH, Germany

The RabIT software engineering team is versatile, reliable, and has produced quality work.

David Talbot

San Francisco, California

It takes a special company for me to set aside time for a glowing review.

Matt Stormoen

Los Angeles, California

We chose RabIT because they were more flexible, easy to understand, and more transparent than the others.

Tamás Szalai

Budaörs, Hungary

It was a much easier process than I expected. They’re excellent communicators and very detail-oriented; you don’t have to read in-between the lines.

Stephanie Simons

Allen, Texas

I think the RabIT team is doing a superb job for us. I have been working with outsourced
development firms for almost 20 years and this is my best experience to date.

Josh C. Kline

Los Angeles, California

I have had several websites created in my life, but by far, this is the most professional team I have ever worked with.

Zoltán Ábry

Eger, Hungary

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