RabIT Solutions Launches New Service – UX/UI Prototyping


The RabIT Solutions team is excited to announce a brand new service in our portfolio: UX/UI Prototyping.

While one of the biggest advantages of Agile software development is flexibility, adapting to the continuously changing requirements can be very challenging. Based on the experiences we gathered from successfully completing dozens of complex software projects in the last decade, we can confidently say that some modifications on the software products could have been avoided if the idea does not only exist in the participant’s imagination, but they can see it in front of them.


We believe that our new service is the perfect solution. In this article, we are going to introduce what UX/UI Prototypes are and all the benefits they provide for our clients.


What are UX/UI Prototypes?

UX/UI Prototypes are not to be confused with UI Wireframes. They aren’t just a series of screens next to each other. UX/UI Prototypes are interactive, clickable samples that exactly resemble how the application will look and function in the future. In other words, they display the visual and the functional aspects at the same time, as well as the interaction between the application’s pages.

s10The process of creating an interactive prototype


Why is UX/UI Prototyping one of the most important steps in the entire development process?

A detailed, well-designed UX/UI Prototype is the common denominator between designers, developers, marketers, and the client. It enables the whole team to be on the same page from the very beginning of the project.

Having such a prototype enables you to try out and see your application as a whole before starting any coding. You can even test your prototype among end users to get early feedback from them, which will help you gain new insights, furthermore highlight any user pain points and usability issues in the earliest stages of the software project.

UPPThe most common user pain points


To sum it all up…

Making changes during an ongoing software development oftentimes won’t be as simple and straightforward as it might seem at first. Altering existing features or adding new ones will potentially change the whole structure of the application, prolong development time, and therefore significantly increase the costs.

If your goal is to develop a high-quality, well functioning software product, it is substantial to be conscious even before the coding begins. With RabIT’s new UX/UI Prototyping service, you can get an interactive clickable prototype resembling your future application, thus laying a solid foundation for later stages of development.

Make sure to check out some of our previous design works on Clutch and TopDevelopers, and see how we create UX/UI Prototypes in the service introduction video below:

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