Innovative Custom-Built Software Accelerates RabIT Software Engineering’s Rankings at GoodFirms


Offering custom-built software solutions in keeping with the client’s needs enable RabIT to be ranked amongst the top software development companies in Hungary at GoodFirms.




Dynamic and Innovative Company:

Incorporated in 2014, RabIT software engineering is a studio with about 20 engineers located in Szeged, Hungary. The company relishes developing web applications that are smart and user-friendly, not to mention using reliable custom software that works for business needs. The mission of the professionals at RabIT is to help the clients drive growth through technology innovation and make a real impact in their industries. With project requests mainly arising from Europe and North America, RabIT is proud to have a rich portfolio of solutions for businesses comprising from medical, agriculture, fashion, media, and finance, EdTech, biotechnology, and eCommerce spaces. The team at RabIT is always looking for possibilities to digitize and simplify the business’ operation, investment, or sales processes.

Moreover, the group has a passion for building great software architecture and providing MVP consultancy for start-ups. Once a week, the team dedicates time slots to offer free consulting for projects that are struggling in maintaining product quality or need mentoring for MVP development. Zsolt, the CEO of RabIT, as a software engineer, holds a dream of solving people’s most significant problems through innovation. His responsibility is to make sure that everything is running smoothly and in line with the business standards.


GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms is an online portal driving vibrant and well-performing IT firms and software solutions. With its foolproof and accurate analysis process, GoodFirms has valued companies and software that help service-seekers find their perfect match. The registered B2B corporations are further examined based on the three most essential parameters that form part of GoodFirms research process, viz Quality, Ability, and Reliability.

Similarly, GoodFirms evaluated RabIT and asserted that it leads amongst the successful companies in affording outstanding services and solutions in software development agencies listed at GoodFirms. The researchers also concluded that the company would soon be amongst the top web development and mobile app development businesses in California and Hungary at GoodFirms.

The below-mentioned services are an extract from the evaluation report made by the GoodFirms team for RabIT.


Focusing on Project Success & Quality:

At RabIT, the professional team provides turn-key software development services, including architecture planning, project management, quality assurance, and maintenance. The group of works jointly with the clients to overcome their business challenges and makes use of modern technology to turn their idea into a high-quality, profitable software product.

Furthermore, the team closely works with the clients to understand their business processes and align the development process with their organizational goals. The software development processes are engineered in keeping with the clients’ changing organizational needs. The expert group of software engineers provides clients with top-quality, clean code that allows further development. Moreover, the professionals at RabIT cater to the clients’ needs only after persuing the complete documentation, test results, status reports, and more, which ensures the clients’ business is under total control. Thus, helping clients overcome all kinds of business challenges by equipping them with the unique software solutions propels RabIT to be among the top software development companies in Hungary at GoodFirms.


Strengthening the Businesses through Scalable Websites:

At RabIT, the expert web developers’ team creates stunning and scalable websites and web applications from scratch. They also develop client’s cutting-edge web software to accelerate digital growth for their business. RabIT brings a team of experienced full-stack web developers to the table that will take care of all of the clients’ business web development needs. The team caters to the clients with high-quality front-end, back-end, UI/UX development, design services, wholly-tested project management, and support.

Uninteresting and hard-to-navigate web applications can result in creating wrong impressions and missed sales revenue. So, the team works tirelessly to make sure clients’ web applications are clean and highly responsive. The optimized Scrum and Kanban methodologies allow clients to make timely changes to their web during development. The team also conducts bi-weekly live demos to give the clients the best end-results. Backed by such expert developers, providing clients with robust and bespoke web solutions would soon enable RabIT to be amongst the top web developers in California at GoodFirms.


Innovative & Highly Responsive Mobile Apps:

The team of expert developers provides clients with mobile application development services for iOS, Android, and Cross-platform. They also offer clients innovative and highly responsive UI/UX solutions, and more than anything, extend desktop and web applications to a mobile platform.

Moreover, the seasoned developers help clients harness the latest technologies to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android or cross-platform apps that work on both. User interface and user experience are what make or break a great mobile app. Well-acquainted with this knowledge, the team always focuses on designing and building elegant, highly responsive UI/UX solutions for clients’ apps. Creating flawless user-interfaces with a smooth clientele experience would soon enable RabIT as one of the top mobile app development companies in Hungary at GoodFirms.


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